Adventures in Gas Prices

Being an environmentalist is hard work and trying to avoid hypocrisy is almost as hard. However, I do my best at biking to work and reducing my footprint on the earth. The fact of the matter is, however, that I have increased my footprint since getting a “real” job and acquiring “stuff” that accompanies the lifestyle of being a middle-class person.

Tonight I drove to my Thai yoga massage because I had to run home after I discovered that I had forgotten my yoga pants and wanted to be comfortable during my massage (no, the massage does not count into being middle class – I got massages even when I was a dumpster diving activist). As I was driving to my appointment, which was disappointing in itself, I saw that my gas tank was almost empty. I knew that gas prices were going up, but I thought that the one near my work wouldn’t have already gone up. After my massage I went there to check… $1.45/Litre. Ouch. So I decided to drive by the gas station near my house, nope, $1.47. In theory, I support the rise in gas prices. In practicality, I hate it. This causes a bit of inner turmoil to me.

As an environmentalist, I’m glad that people are starting to think twice before hopping in their car to go just down the street. However, as someone who drives pretty much only for work and “emergencies,” it is super annoying. I’ve made a budget of how much money I’m supposed to spend on gas and it is going to be eaten up in one fill if I fill it up right now.

Apparently gas prices are so high because of the hurricane near Texas. Hurricane Ike is its name. I have some friends in Texas who are under curfew because of the storm. Sometimes I’m glad to live in Saskatchewan, where we get somewhat scary lightening storms, occasionally hail, and rarely small tornadoes. It was like everything became connected for me: storms in areas rich in oil will make gas prices increase a lot. How predictable! Haven’t scientists been warning people of this storm for at least a day now? It’s just so interesting to me that we would not have been told that our gas prices were going to increase by at least $0.10/L. However, in some places, it’s increased more than that. Incredible. I love how the world all works – we are all connected! To me, it seems amazing that a storm that is thousands of miles away could affect me in my everyday living.

So did I get gas? No, I did not. I have decided not to buy gas until I absolutely have to, which is Tuesday because I have a meeting >200km away that I need to go to for work. This weekend, I will be completely car-free. Sometimes life’s little inconveniences just help make avoiding hypocritical behavior so much easier.

For the record, here is a map of the gas prices in Canada:

Canadian Gas Prices

Canadian Gas Prices


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