I’m a Womyn and I’m POLITICAL. Deal with it.

I have certain political tendencies. The upcoming elections in both Canada and the USA are a little overwhelming, but it is necessary to be part of the whole thing. So I am going to use this post as a place where I can keep track of the websites and links I keep having set in my lap. I will put a link on the side to this post.

This is an awesome video of American celebrities talking about voting in the American election, but is definitely transferrable to the Canadian election:

The Beyond Factory Farming Coalition asked a bunch of questions to the different parties. The Conservatives have not answered and the Bloc’s answers were translated into English from their French answers. It can be found here.

This is a website about how there are, literally, 100 reasons not to vote for Stephen Haper!

There is a collective of people from across Canada, who do not want Stephen Harper to be the Prime Minister again. They are called Not My Prime Minister.

The environment is a huge concern of mine. I really like this website called Vote for the Environment.

Update: October 29, 2008
With another election down and everything being basically the same, I can’t say I’m surprised, but I am a little disappointed. Here is a good article on the reason for electoral reform. It is very frustrating to rarely vote for a winning candidate (I have only voted once for someone who won). The candidate in my riding lost by a mere 253 votes, but as it is so poignantly clear, there is no conciliation prize for coming in second. There is no difference between second and 7th (there were 7 candidates in my riding). Alas, the show much go one. I will just hope that our next election within two years goes differently than this one. Maybe one day, we will have proportional representation, which this country so desperately needs.

This is a work in progress…


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