Sometimes One Needs to Retreat

Last week I looked at my calendar and discovered that this upcoming weekend is a super duper long weekend. I decided it was the perfect time to take the retreat that I have been talking about doing since August. So I found a cabin in Prince Albert National Park, booked it, and tucked it away.

I don’t have any particular plans for this particular retreat all by myself, but I know I will be in good company. My non-plans include doing whatever I want to do. I have a laptop borrowed to use as I want, I will have books to read, bubble bath materials to make bubble baths, my walking shoes to go on long walks in the wilderness, some empty pages in case I am inspired to write without the use of electric devices, and my trusty companion (ie. my dog) to go on walks with. I will be spending two days doing whatever I feel like doing. The only stipulations is that there will be no television or music. Nope, just me, my thoughts, and nature.

My adventures are not always typical and this one is no different. An adventure is just a frame of mind.


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