Getting Old

A few years back I got my first grey hair. I found it one day in my long dark-brown mass of hair on my head as I was brushing it. At first I was frightened by it. I wondered if I should dye my hair. I pondered that for a while and decided that I would not dye my hair, but embrace the fact that time continues on and I am getting older.

This August I turned 30. I have to admit that while I didn’t seem phased by it, I think I was affected by this closing of a tumultuous decade of my life. However, I have heard from a lot of people that the 30s are better than the 20s. I look forward to this.

When I saw a recent edition of The Current – Target Women hosted by Sarah Haskins, I knew that I wanted to spread this video around. It is just plain hilarious! Here it is:
You’re Old

Enjoy getting older!