I am 363 months old

I was thinking today about how when we are babies, we measure our age in months… sometimes in weeks! Even after 1-year-old, children are measured in months. Of course this is because each month is a significant time of development.

I was thinking, though, about how it would be if we celebrated our monthly birthday. Of course, it would make annual birthdays a little less special, but I wonder if it would make us feel more special and significant to be on this earth. Maybe it would make people understand how our individual and collective impacts on the world are significant. Perhaps it would change how we view the world, our relationships, our families, our friends, and our interactions with each other.

Right now I am 30 years and (almost) 3 months old. Sometimes I do think that each month I develop in some significant way. Of course, not every 30 + 3 month-old person develops this way… we all develop differently. However, it is a potential that some people choose to develop at the age they are and others are in that same place. I don’t even know if this makes sense right now to others, but it has really made me stop and think about it.

I can’t help but wonder what I will learn by my 30 + 6 month birthday.


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