Jeremy is a good friend of mine

My friend Jeremy has the curliest hair I have ever seen on a white person. We met in 2001 on a cross-Canada cycling trip of several crazy environmentalists who thought that being sleep-deprived for an entire summer would be a good idea. It was lots of fun, but kind of silly. Anyway, back to Jeremy…. He is also the funniest friend that I have… no offense to all you other funny people in my life. When Jeremy is around, most people can’t help but laugh, except for people who do not appreciate his kind of humour because those people don’t really like Jeremy as much. Our visits are often too short because Saskatoon is not usually where he is traveling to or from, but a stop along the way. Nonetheless, every couple of years (or more) there are adventures had with this super duper awesome friend. It was great to have him in Saskatoon last week for even the short amount of time that he was here. I told him that I would blog about him and he promised to read it. So here I am blogging by force. Now, here are some funny pictures of Jeremy and my adventures:

Jeremy and I created this costume together for the Fast Back bike. ~2004

I have no idea how we got this Santa to agree to let Jeremy do this. It was awesome! December 2001

It was a chilly February day when Jeremy and Aftab came to visit for less than 24 hours, but we did manage to skyrocket 7-11 shares that day. Jan or Feb 2007?


1 Comment

  1. jeremy said,

    August 10, 2010 at 6:16 pm

    This is certainly the first time anyone has blogged about me. I like this post. Not that I’m narcissistic or anything, ’cause I’m not. Really. Ah, it feels like it’s almost time for another little, medium, large, huge, over the top project again…

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